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Big Blue Collapses in Milwaukee

January 20, 2000: Video of the Big Blue crane accident that happened in the Brewer's Ball Park Stadium on July 14, 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Three men lost their lives in the accident.

Celebrity Prank Call/Jack Black

Prank Call

TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes

commercial promo spot for TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes

Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make

Title says it all.

Snow Season - Prank'd ep1

So this is what happens to Spanky McEnstein (Jason) when he leaves the office for a week. We love pranks at MySpace. :)

Kids Scare The Hell Out Of Their Dad

these Australian kids pull a funny prank on their dad while he is out shopping. UPDATE: on a more serious note, im now 16 and recently have had a lot of trouble with insomnia, this stuff really helped me out quite a bit, and they also have ...

Radio Host Prank Calls Scottish Pizza Takeaway with Hilarious Results!

Funniest video on Youtube! English radio host makes repeated prank calls to Scottish pizza takeaway. Hilarious. It's a MUST listen!! If you like funny videos check out my other video

OJ Simpson is a murderer

I had a small part in this cult hit parody of the television show "Cheaters". It played in about twenty festivals/screenings and really did well.

sister sister!

a tribute to tia and tamera Mowry!

Stoned News Reporter

Stoned News Reporter

Spatula City from UHF

Funny "commercial" from an awesome movie!

Jack Black Soundboard Prank Call To McDonalds

Best Buy Prank Call

funny prank call to best buy...

Final boarding call for Mr Terrorist

Pranksters on Australian TV manage to get boarding calls for passengers Mr Terry Wrist and Al Kyder on a Virgin Blue flight from Sydney to Melbourne.



George W. Bush Impersonation

My impersonation of George W. Bush.

classic ways to wake someone's up

nice and evil ways to wake up

Dolák Saly Róbert - A szél fú

Vastyúk is talál szeget

CCTV Movie

CCTV Movie

Office Pranks

office pranks

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