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Wang Lan Yin - Prank (Practical Joke)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Keep your negative comments to yourself. No one is forcing you to watch this video, so if you don't like it, go watch something else. D8 Music video for Wang Lan Yin's Prank (Practical Joke). From the Taiwanese drama "It ...

6000 Post-It Notes Prank

The management has been on a spree of pranking at work, so we hit our store director's office with 6000 post-it notes and a webcam. Too bad he wasn't the first to find it. Music: Corey vs Corey - Katamari Damacy

Best lightsabre battle ever!!!!!!!!

THIS IS NOT MINE. I found it on n though you guys n gals might enjoy it. i know some of the moves they do might not b possible with a lightsabre but this is the real world n makes for a great vid. Enjoy!!!

Brit vs. U.S. Movies - Eddie Izzard

Clip from Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill

Americas Most Funniest Girls

Americas Most Funniest Girls that will be sure make you laugh...


street soccer legend

fast legs

flinstones prank

funny prank

Salah VS Sala

Final of EuroBattle (Poppin). Celebrated in Oporto 5 and 6 of May.

Monk with Nina Conti

For all of those that keep saying that this is the same joke, this video was the first uploaded of her, you are just watching it last...

Ask a ninja ON ACID!! ..... 2


The Divine Comedy - Becoming More Like Alfie

The Divine Comedy - Becoming More Like Alfie video

fuse munchies torso video

munchies clip

black ninja

dumb black ninja


Made by Lasse Gjertsen in 2005. "Drumsolo" using only a camcorder, my mouth and what looks like time consuming editing, but it wasn't really. It took more or less one day to edit. THANK YOU ALL FOR POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK!!! You really ...

Scared Some dude gets scared

What to do when you're bored senseless in a lecture

Student interrupts his class with an elaborate prank.

Insane Cosplay 2 : Orochimaru & Sasuke

Sasuke nunca imaginó cual seria el costo del poder que Orochimaru le ofreció... (Sasuke never imagined the price he had to pay to get the power Orochimaru offered him)

The Easter Bunny Hates You

funniest thing ever!

Kingdom Hearts Spoof

A Kingdom Hearts spoof that is continued. If you're looking for a laugh, please watch our movie. The Kingdom Hearts Spoofs series is now finished ending with KHS 9.

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