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One thing learned from this little experiment.. Youtubers never answer their phones :) THANKS TO ERIN FOR THE IDEA: PEOPLE I ...

Visage - Fade To Grey

Music video by Visage performing Fade To Grey. (C) 1982 Universal Music International Ltd.

Ownage Prank Calls - Angry Asian Restaurant

Hilarious Prank call by 'Ownage Prank Calls' to an asian restaurant and they really piss him off:P FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER GUYS:

Drake Over music video parody video

TWEEEET THIIIIS get this song on itunes!: Drake Over official music video spoof Hey guys! We're back with another parody, hopefully you laugh ...

Richard & Sal Tradio Call "Jizz Stains"

Latest from Richard & Sal's Tradio Prank Calls from the Howard Stern Show... "Jizz Stains"

Deer Cat Love

Either the cutest thing you've ever seen a deer and cat do together, or some real brown chicken brown cow action going on. Either way the cat seems like she was enjoying it. Maybe we need to leave these two alone for a while. What we're watching: ...

Best Office Prank Ever

His fake smile can't mask the inner rage.

Getting into animation, part 2

Martha Goldman Sigall worked in animation for 53 years. In part two of her story, she describes how a chance meeting in 1936 with Leon Schlesinger led to her being hired at his studio. Martha Sigall began with Leon Schlesinger's Merrie Melodies & ...

Best Girlfriend Ever (Last Moments #3)

NEW Videos Every Week! Subscribe: Watch all our episodes of Last Moments of Relationships: 10% OFF Monthly GEEK/GAMER BOX!!! Use Code: THEFINEBROS Follow Fine Brothers ...

Prank Call - Deckard Cain Calls Elderly Care

Deckard Cain, an NPC from Diablo 2 calls elderly care...I'm not the original creator of the call itself. Since all of them appear to have been removed from youtube I decided to re-create the video in HD and re-upload. EDIT: It appears the geek ...

Rigged Office Chair Prank

So if you watched our Vlog you might have seen me fall on my ars. After I got done doing our Vlog I decided to prank Nikki with the broken chair and some "booby Trap" fireworks. Thanks for watching NIkki and John pranksters in Love! Nikki and John ...


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Martha Sigall Tells Behind-the-Scenes Cartoon Industry Practical Jokes

Cartoonist, Martha Goldman Sigall, tells of practical jokes that Looney Tunes cartoonists used to play on each other during the Golden Age of Animation at Termite Terrace as the dillapidated building was called.

Waldo Rapist looks JUST LIKE the reporter

Am I the only one who sees this? The reporter doing the story looks just like the rapist.

Christian Show Gets Pranked By The Fresh Prince!

Christian show gets pranked by the fresh prince of bel-air. For more funnies check out


Go Daddy commercial created by the Herbert Brothers A lucky man finds himself in heaven surrounded by beautiful Go Daddy girls, until his buddy, lost at sea, revives him mouth to mouth. From heaven to stranded in the middle ...

Evil Household Pranks

Facebook: In this video we show you some of our favorite pranks to play that take little effort but provide maximum enjoyment for you! Be careful who you prank, you don't want to end up pranked by a fist to your ...

Epic Lost Son at McDonalds Prank (ft. Tyrone) - Ownage Pranks

This is a prank call I did to a McDonalds telling them I left my son in the store and forgot about him. This is one of my all-time favorite calls, so I had to put it up on my channel :) This was on my channel once long ago, but now it has ...

Tamil top 3 prank calls

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