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GREAT SOUND QUALITY My brother and I made all these calls in one night. They arn't perfect, but they are funny as hell. Calls include Arnold, Matt Damon, Springfield Pervert, and Tom Cruise. PLEASE COMMENT

[SNSD Funny Cuts] Yuri prank calls Sunny

[04.25.08] [Credits: Soshified] Jobless Yul strikes again. Aha.

Drake - Best I Ever Had (Parody)

A lot of people asked for this one, here you go! :) By the way, I love you guys. Your support has been awesome! IMPORTANT: This video was NOT made to make fun of Drake's recent knee injury. I was working on this video a week before he got ...

The Bugs Bunny Story

Martha Goldman Sigall worked at the Termite Terrace, Leon Schlesinger's Studios in 1939 when Bugs Bunny was created by Ben Hardaway, whose nickname was Bugs. Ben announced one day that he was going to create a rabbit based on Daffy Duck. Im going ...

Funny Office Prank

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Office Pranks

BOO! Scaring people at work having fun!

RIME MSK in tucson 2009

Vampire Bikers | Vampires | Scare Tactics

Karrina likes meeting new people. So her friend brings her to an invitation-only party. There's a few surprises on the way... with teeth. SUBSCRIBE: http:// About Scare Tactics: Welcome to "Scare Tube", the official Scare Tactics ...

Rat Monster | Monsters | Scare Tactics

Bryant is an animal activist, but when he gets hired to "help" animals he ends up meeting quite an odd creature. SUBSCRIBE: http:// About Scare Tactics: Welcome to "Scare Tube", the official Scare Tactics YouTube Channel. More ...

Scary pranks part 2

Very scary and enjoy please comment

Office Prank - Making an Office Disappear. Before Infrastructure Director Chris Strandt went on vacation he played a prank on the maintenance team by covering everything in their office with aluminum foil. While Chris was away, the maintenance team retaliated by ...

Satanic Racist calls scammers

I got a hold of a list of scammers, telemarketers, etc. I'll be calling them back... a lot. The first person I called actually fucked me out of a bunch of money.

Alex Wolff - She (Green Day Cover)

Alex's a capella version of "She" by Green Day. Nat and Alex are touring this summer:

Rude Americans - Do you speak English?

These guys are called "The Chaser" and they're from Australia From time to time overseas we always tend to see American tourists not bothering to learn the countries' language but instead being frustrated with locals not being able to speak English. ...

Michael Jackson Fail

This is me dancing to Michael Jackson on my Europe trip... "Michael Jackson Fail"

Live TV Prank Calls to Pro-9/11 Communist Public Access Host Jack Jersawitz

Highlights and lowlights of Jack Jersawitz's live call in show, Brain Storms, originally aired on PeopleTV in Atlanta, GA in 2002. Hope you enjoy!

How to Turn an Old Book into a Secret Hiding Place

Watch more Home Repair & DIY videos: Turn that dusty old tome into something you will actually use -- a sneaky stash for your best stuff. Step 1: Select a hardcover book at least 1½ inches ...

Wolfgang Puck's Pizza Dough Recipe - Pizza Dough - Pizza

Get the full story! Visit to get the ingredients, and watch over 300 free video recipes. Leave me a comment there. If you have questions, ask on the website. Thanks!!

Funny Prank - Cell Phone How To Prank This video explains a very easy and funny prank you can play on your friend using their cell phone. Funny Prank - Cell Phone How To Prank

Adam Sandler Prank Calls Restaurant

Adam Sandler Prank Calls Restaurant in 1991

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