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TSA Harassment!!! Video

The History of the Near South Side of Chicago and the Ethnic Changes Part 1

This is the first part of a documentary video about the history of the Near South Side in Chicago, IL and the ethnic and racial changes that took place over the years, from the mid 1700s to today. The music that was used was from Blizzard's ...

Black Ops: AK I Hate my Team

Sad Panda, but lemme know your thoughts on school =) New vid on Wednesday Follow me on Twitterz:

Scaring Ellen's Staff with Dance!

Ellen's staffers got a hilarious surprise when they arrived at the office: a Dance Attack! Robert Hoffman was hidden and ready to spring some surprise dance moves on them.

Mega64 Podcast 114 - Frank's Prank Calls

Frank Howley is live on the Mega64 Podcast making prank calls along with the Mega64 crew Check out the Mega64 Live Podcast on Sundays at 7pm PST Mega64 Podcast ...

HAGGAR'D Episode 3: Practical Jokes

J tries to start a prank war with Haggar but end up being "Haggar'd" Subscribe:

Scary Snowman Prank Gone Wrong - Season 1 Episode 5

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Dinosaur News Center: Episode 8 Paraworld (PC game) Review

Here comes my very first game review. This is Paraworld for the PC. It's a real-time strategy title with dinosaur combat. If you've ever seen the show Dinoriders; this takes that concept and turns it into a game. A very overlooked and underrated gem ...

Xbox Live Pranks: The Dominator Strikes - Prankster or Rapist? (Black Ops Gameplay)

In this vid we pull out a new persona, that we will definitely be revisiting, and prank a little kid. Enjoy!! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Retweet: Song name: Uprising by ...

#6 Spank me Daddy daddy daddy - Craigslist Escort Prank Call - CooLoser Pranks

Craigslist Prostitute Prank calls back in 2009 XD

#4 Quit Playing on my phone - Craigslist Escort Prank Call - CooLoser Pranks

Craigslist Prostitute Prank calls back in 2009 XD

Craigs List Prank Call

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★ SCARE PRANKS Special # 10 Funniest Home Videos part 333 Scared witless. All these poor fools are terrified out of peaceful dream states with the rudest of awakenings. Check out the Most ...

Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO Subscribe to our channel: Twin baby boys have a conversation part 2. find more of the boys' adventures at my wife's blog. visit Watch Talking Twin ...

Airline Pilot Practical Jokes

Jokes can be therapeutic, stress relievers, or just a way to relax. Good jokes can make a long, hard day seem easier or can temporarily make one forget about the troubles and problems of the day. Jokes that make people laugh can result in the ...

Multiple Prank Calls to Live TV Sports Talk Show

Series of repeated prank phone calls to 90s tv show CBC Sportsline hosted by Darcy Rota (retired NHL player) from Vancouver, Canada. The more prank calls he takes the angrier he seems to get...

Engineering practical jokes-how to abuse the purchasing system

High-speed board design guru Lee Ritchey talks with EE Times' Brian Fuller about how he once ordered a car through corporate purchasing... just to prove a point.

Engineering practical jokes-Rick-rolling your colleagues

Tiffany Frankovich tells us how she rickrolled colleagues' computer boot sequences with the dulcet tones of Rick Astley.

(English Subbed) Big Bang's phone calls with SeungRi

Translation by Flibbertigibbet@6theory Subbed by Vicky@HQBB Through the phone calls, you can see the members' personalities and how drastically different they are, Dae delivers laughter with every line he says, Bae is just sweet as candy with his ...

Mexicans learn a hard lesson.

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