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Prank - Vanderbilt School of Medicine Cadaver Ball 2012

Scary pranks on Girls! Guys enjoy!

Different compilation of best prank videos.

Pizza For Your Face 1: Pizza Prank Phone Calls

What's more fun than making a prank phone call to a pizza place? How about making calls to customers who just ordered a pizza from them? This video will show you just how easy it is to trick employees out of your personal information, all while ...

After School Pranks

Office Pranks RO.3GP

Leaving the office in a hurry

Attention Cat (Cat asking to be petted)

link to an awesome video: Cat calls for attention.

Sheogorath Orders a Pizza - Skyrim Prank Call

While on his vacation, Sheogorath decides he is hungry for cheese and so he calls some pizza places and demands a cheese pizza. The staff are disturbed by his madness, some to the extent where they seem to go mad themselves while others threaten to ...

You don't say? (Complete scene) [Nicolas Cage - Vampire's Kiss]

Complete scene from the movie "Vampire's kiss", with Nicolas Cage. Why He doesn't say "You don't say"? ^^

Phone calls

This is for eva and anyone who works at a restaurant and cant stand the pushy, confused, frustrating customers who just have no clue what they want !!!

Harassing Black Friday Customers at Target with Prank Calls

Here's yet another video of us being jerks to the general public. Enjoy! This happened at a Target in 2011, on Black Friday and on Christmas Eve. To listen to a verison of this segment with a bit more information on how it was done, listen to the ...

Hatchet Shoes Ad

Anyone Remember the Hatchet Shoes Ads from ICP's Weakly Freakly Weekly???? Well here there are...

DENISE VLOGS in a Van (Van of Truth)

Ceciley and Brett the Intern get Van of Truth-y with the Queen of Suspense, DeniseVlogs. Starring: Ceciley: Brett: Guest ...

Expelled (Full Movie)

Ben Stein, in the new film EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed Official Movie Site: His heroic and, at times, shocking journey confronting the world's top scientists, educators and philosophers, regarding the persecution ...

Hilarious David Mitchell Rants

Several of David Mitchell's best rants: Posh Animals Expectations for Holidays Arguing with People in the Box -QI Hot Sausage Rolls Political Rap aaaand finally Mitchell getting his smiley face on ALL MATERIAL BELONGS TO BBC

EXCLUSIVE MAGICPLACE VIDEO - Friday Night Cranks - Psychic Prank Call

Who says that Magicians & Psychics can't have a little fun? Check out this MAGICPLACE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO where Jared and Kristin from Friday Night Cranks posted an ad posing as Psychics. A viewer of their show made his mom sign up for a free reading! ...


se caga se caga ...VIDEO NUEVO CADA MARTES........ Subscribete para mas RonnyGtX: Mujer Caga En Supermercado Junto A Los Yogures "Conductora de TV AZTECA se tira un PEDO" Y "gato" son los videos a presenter el dia de hoy 0 ...

Alejandro Paz - zona de piedras Casta Shot on San Pedro de Casta at more than 10,500ft asl.

Key & Peele - Flicker

Two office coworkers engage in a serious game of deception. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.

The Final Days of the GOP

The republican religious cult alienates themselves from the American public further each day, and the United States becomes increasingly tolerant, less religious and would like religion kept out of Our government, while the government they desire, ...

Best Pranks 2012 Compilation

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