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Blame It - Jamie Foxx- BARACK OBAMA SPOOF

Follow me! A huge thank you to Michael Gallagher and the crew of Totally Sketch! Please check them and subscribe! Totally Sketch's ...

Walmart Bathroom Prank Call - OwnagePranks

I called walmart with a British accent and claimed I was in the bathroom taking a poo and there wasn't any toilet paper. Epic sound effects. Please become my facebook fan! Register on my site please! ...

Shout Out Video

quick Shout out video to a few ...


name says it all

Prank call gone wrong

So Dylan and Rocky plan to call a a person and pull a harmless phone prank and after words tell them it's a joke. But it went wrong!

Angry Pizza Owner Prank Call - OwnagePranks

This is a prank call I did AGES ago.. and it's the call that got really popular and encouraged me to keep doing prank calls. I thought you guys might enjoy this, so I uploaded it. Someone asked me to do this call years ago, because when he ordered ...

Pranks - Vol. 3

People really brought their A game this April for the Break prank contest. This is a compilation featuring some of the best pranks including a mother scared into labor, a rat trap revenge, sun bathing dousing prank, and even a dorm room hanging. For ...

Scout Is Oblivious

The scouts bragging meets an abrupt end. Inspired by cyber046's work.

Jizz In My Pants response: "Puke In My Mouth"

Get the song on iTunes: | WATCH THE SEQUEL! | This is a ladies' response to "Jizz In My Pants" by Lonely Island.  we (the pantless knights) got approached by a gal who had an idea for a fake ...

Mama argues with Vint & Naomi

From the episode "The Wedding Part 1"

[Prank Call] Harry Potter

I called up Harry Potter to warn him of the dark times ahead, but he got a little upset with me! *WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE!* This was during one of my live shows on BlogTV! If you want to watch live next time, please subscribe ...

Office Pranks ...Silent But Deadly

Share your office story either by text comment or video response

Mr. Rogers Prank Calls A Cat Shelter

Mr. Rogers soundboard prank call

TVTV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes... Except just bloopers.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! And you thought the only ones who flubbed their lines were Pixar animations and Burt Reynolds! There are no practical jokes, and ...

I Kill People

He is back, and he's going to kill you.

practical jokes in Italy

samen met het 5e en 6e jaar van het KA Lommel op Italiëreis. diegene die dachten veel te slapen konden hennig op hun kin kloppen. veel kijkplezier

Punjabi jingle bell

No offence to anyone. It's just this really cute song/video..... Hope you guys enjoy (like I did) anywayz!!!!

The Whitest Kids U' Know - Office Pranks

The Whitest Kids U' Know - Office Pranks

prank call-irish traveller

prank call setting; the west of ireland-Swinford to be exact! original by robsmith000

Please Don't Talk to Strangers

From a video called, "Let's Sing and Dance". Video is somewhat poor, but it was transferred from a worn out VHS tape, so give me a break!

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