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Michel & Sven - Der Tischdeckentrick - Teil 4 / The Table Cloth Magic Trick (Original)


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Drive Thru Floating Cup (Original)

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Hitler Cat On CONAN

Watch CONAN @ - A kitten in Britain has had a lot of trouble getting adopted because it looks like Hitler. Well, here ar some other animals that can relate.

old school pranks

old school pranks

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants His Pizza - Prank Call

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Miami, Florida trying to get a Canadian Pizza Hut to deliver to Conan Street.

How to prank call people without calling them!

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Beer Run Bobby prank calls a crazy old cholo! TOO FUNNY!

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Prank Call on Jealous Husband - Hilarious!

Jealous husband gets pranked on an Irish Radio Show in Cork... He gets VERY angry when the prank caller suggests his Missus, who he calls 'Big Babs', was flirting with him! Very Funny!

school pranks.3gp

this is what happens in afrikaans class

Scary Maze Game - Reaction [ SCREEN PUNCH ! ]

Comment,Rate,Subscribe! The scary maze game has some amazing reaction's but this has got to be the best, this guy goes crazy and ends up punching a hole in his computer monitor as he's so scared! if your not familiar with scary maze game, the object ...

Army Ranger Practical Joke - Flaming Boner Car Prank

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Action Figure Therapy’s Angry Army Ranger pulls a practical joke on his clueless office manager with his flaming boner car prank. US Army Rangers are people to piss off. Problem Solved. Problem Staying ...


Practical Joke - Ariel Lin (sub esp)

Hola!! este es uno de los dramas que vi en mis inicios...para ser exactas fue el segundo que vi! :DD es una historia realmente linda y graciosa ademas de que la pareja principal tienen una muy muy muy muy buena quimica! las que lo vieron ya me ...


Calling up somebody and wishing them a happy birthday as Christopher Walken. Enjoy :D

Just For Laugh- Top 10 funny pranks

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Ned Calls Cowshit Lane

Ned calls police station about a Donut run in a Helicopter

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Online Scammers - Prank Call

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Indian tech scammers and tricks them into thinking he wants his PC fixed while he secretely investigates them.

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