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EXTREME FLYING: Pilot Pulls 11.2G! Cockpit View

Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch, Austria, pulls 11.2G in the Rotterdam race during practice on July 17, 2008.

Russell Peters - Asian People Talk (Outsourced)

A really funny video of the one and only Russell Peters! Asian Talk... Please leave comments if you liked this video!

How to escape a fart. Another Japanese show.

How to escape a fart. Another Japanese show

the fake mirror

the mirror in the bathroom is just a glass , the girls there are twins.

Practical Jokes at work! Vasaline, baby powder, mayo prank

This is a joke that my builder played on my secretary after filling his car with shredded paper. Her reaction is priceless

Best prank call - Kiwi makes an Aussie cry...

Wind up your wife Wednesday from The Rock radio station in Auckland, New Zealand. This aired on 09 July 2008. The DJ's do prank calls on wives and occassionally get a wife call in to setup their husband. Last week they made a boy racer cry cause ...

Youtube's Most Hilarious Video Of Famous Fat People

HowToAndMore is a channel I found that has a ton of great How-to videos and I want to share them with you. Since this video is becoming pretty big (No pun intended lol) make sure to check him out, because he deserves more viewers and subscribers ...

THE POOTER Episode 23 FART PRANKS in the MALL I hope you guys love this one! I tried to make it short but there was just too much great material here! Please sub if you haven't already and please rate and leave comments. Thanks everyone for your support...jack ...

[The Original!] Try Not To Laugh! [Fun Challenge]

Laugh You Loose. You Don't Laugh? You win.. and your life kinda sucks =( ----------------

Roy D. Mercer! -calls a graveyard keeper

prank by roy d mercer. this is one of the funniest and i couldnt find it on youtube so, here you go :)

Alice & Jasper

Jasper is what Alice has been looking for. Song-Is it you by Cassie no copyright infringements intended everything belongs to rightful owners

Prank Call GONE WRONG...But Gets Hilarious

Jared prank calls as Brandon and asks to speak to James. The mother thinks Brandon is her son James.. and Jared just takes it from there. P.S The name "James" was said 36 times throughout this call Friday Night ...

Latarian Milton Hoodrat Remix

A remix of the 7 year old gangsta kid from Florida who jacked his mom's SUV because he wanted to do hoodrat stuff with his friend. Download link: (c) 2008 Jesus Was A Black Jew ...

Mr Pregnant Prank Calls Chinese Restaurant "Oxtail"

Writer - Journalist - Lecturer The Wave Medium Dichotomy Between Light & Sound; The Contrasting Distinctions Between Metaphor and Analogy; Thermodynamics and The Industrial Revolution; American History Pervasive With Irony; ...

Basic - Instinct (Apanhados)

è de macho

Dolly Partons Audio Remixed On Howard Stern

The Funniest Craziest and Mast Insane Videos On The Net

سحر حسين مع طارق العلي وعبد الناصر درويش في مشهد فكاهي

مع تحيات اخوكم: nawaf757 برنامج طارق شو توقف بعد عشر حلقات من العرض لاسباب سياسيه

never scare a black man

dude gets punched in the face by black man...funny

Rick Roll the Christians by singer Jeremy Gloff Ybor Tampa

What's the best way to counter-act hatred and homophobia? Rick Astley bitches!!!!!!!! To set up the scene, this group was perched in front of a gay club with megaphones telling everyone going inside they were going to die and burn in hell. I am ...

Practical Jokes

Some jokes can be taken too far but some People can REACT to far also. Idea by Superkarf

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