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Sal & Richard Pizza order using Autotune

Sal and Richard order a pizza using Autotune

This Update Rocks

1. NEW WEBSITE! Please explore the new setup and leave a comment in the fan section! 2. NEW T-SHIRTS & HOODIES! The new designs are from Scott. Thanks ...

Office Pranks

Somewhere in Orland Park Illinois, office cubicle sabotage is occurring ........

Best Cry Ever

Crying Guy from the A&E Show Intervention.

Frieza Calls the Old Religious Woman's Husband - Prank Call

After Vegeta and Nappa's failed attempt at collecting the Dragon Balls, Frieza dials the Old Religious Woman's household back and speaks to her husband.

La Lessa standard - Puntata 0

La puntata pilota della serie "La Figa lessa Standard".

VSO Baseball Practical Jokes.wmv

Practical jokes!

Extreme funny - Japanese practical jokes

A rigged Port-o-potty, where it displays the person using it. Extremely funny! Guaranteed laugh!

Arnold Gets Angry With Receptionist - Prank Call

Arnold tries to book a hotel room but the receptionist kept asking him stupid questions that made him lose his temper! Please subscribe for more funny prank calls!

How to Play an Amazing Practical Joke

Greg asked Jeeves ' How to play a great practical joke' on his friend, Sam. With a little help from some friends, Loulie and I constructed the perfect plan. Watch here to see, what we like to call the 'De Ja Vu Effect'...

Robert screws up scene

Vegeta Calls an Old Religious Woman - Prank Call

Vegeta, in search of Dragon Balls, dials an old woman who is very religious and starts talking about Jesus within seconds.

Anime Boston 2010 - J. Michael Tatum: Drunk Kyouya

J. Michael Tatum doing his impression of what a drunk Kyouya would sound like.

Auto-Tune the Harvard Medical School Professor - an April Fool's Day Prank

What happens when you re-route your professor's lapel microphone through auto-tune in the middle of lecture? Funny you should ask... This happens. Uploaded with the permission of our lecturer, who kindly allowed us to not only express our inner ...

World's Best Cat Litter Commercial

This is a commercial where the trick people into smelling cat piss and then eat cat litter because it's just corn.

The Big Office Pranks We Pulled Today

Not only did we have cupcakes with oysters in them, holes in the drinking cups, rubber-bands around the water faucet sprayer... and messages for all the sales people to call a Mr. Lion back (only to have them call and get the local zoo)... but Kim, ...

April Fools: Orchestra Practical Joke at Middleton HS

Cheap, crappy violin: $80. Extra e string so concert master could pretend to play it in class: $3. Looks of abject horror on students' faces when director smashed violin against the wall as part of a great April Fools Joke: Priceless.


FUNNIEST PRANK CALL EVER!!!! IRATE BLACK GUY CALLS HIMSELF (w/ subtitles) So a soundboard of previous prank calls to this guy was made, and they decided to prank call him with it. the result, the funniest video on youtube. visit ...

Stand By Me | Muppet Music Video | The Muppets

The Muppet’s Musical Gang takes on "Stand By Me," with a not-so-expected twist! Subscribe for all new videos from The Muppets! ► Watch more Muppet Music Videos► ...

Practical Magic-Crystal-Stevie Nicks

a video that i made with one of my favorite movies.

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