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Pietonu si Batique-Volum (prod. Catalin V.)

Devastation Crew- Batique- Pietonu- Text-Batique si Pietonu Instrumental-Catalin V.

★ 100 scared people part 1 - Scary AFV Video Clips #26 - Part 577 | Compilation | AFV

It's an America's Funniest Home Videos "I had the pants scared off me" compilation. Yells, howls, and "what the heck was that" make up up this hilarious funny video full of surprises and pranks. SUBSCRIBE: Want a chance ...

★ Scary AFV Video Clips #27 - Part 604 | Compilation | AFV

In this crazy home video compilation we've got a hilarious wedding cake that makes the bride cry, an insane surprise in the sand bucket, and a car scare to make you giggle. It's an America's Funniest Home Videos classic. SUBSCRIBE: ...

Paranoid Prank (Disneyland Edition)

I thought it was time to take PARANOID to DISNEYLAND! People were just as freaked out! Extras PARANOID Clips! Please also subscribe to my second channel! Let's Chat! Follow Me! ...

Office Prank - Surprise - Balloons Everywhere

Office Prank - Surprise - Balloons Everywhere This was a funny office prank played on my wife for April Fools. There will be some payback in the near future. For more office pranks, stay tuned to this channel. Other Office Prank Videos: Office ...

Drive Thru Headless Prank

Learn Magic at Vlogs on my 2nd channel: Shirts: Instagram: Twitter: ...


Just prank calling Domino's to waste their time. OUTTAKES! New call with Plymouth & YESHMIN! Sub to Plymouth! Ending music: "Famous Brothers" courtesy ...

World's Fastest Everything

A compilation of the world's fastest. Thanks for watching. Music by Pinn Panelle. Please like and subscribe.

April 2 - Still Going!

We've made it two whole days into April and I haven't missed one yet! I started this upload with eight minutes left in the day. I also almost drained my battery. Doing well ^.^

12 yer olld kissing by ???

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

April Fools Pranks - Bathroom Prank and Spider Prank - Prankster Kids

Girls just love playing pranks on their dad. Dad does a spider prank on his daughters and they sure had some good reactions to the spider. Then the girls get revenge and prank their dad by putting plastic wrap around the toilet so that it renders ...

Chair Scare Prank on Today Show + Tricks

Watch the Viral Human Chair Prank: I visit The Today Show on NBC and prank the staff before appearing on a fun segment where I teach some simple tricks and April Fool's gags! Please Share with friends! You ...

Justin Bieber PRANKS TMZ!

Justin Bieber pulled an evil prank yesterday by posting the TMZ phone number on his Twitter account. Now, it's our turn!

Tuesdays with Tony - Practical Jokes

In the spirit of April Fools' Day I opted to record a commentary about practical jokes. Follow me on Twitter:

April 1 - I Survived!

I successfully made it through April Fools Day with only one prank being pulled on me! Unfortunately, that single prank was pulled by me. I pranked myself. Win. Check out that brook trout video I ...

April Fools Prank On Mom Gone Wrong!

Shirts Available Now - People kept asking me to do April Fools Prank...So I Decided to prank my mom so simply by just telling her I am addicted to drugs and it turned out to be the best reaction ever! Subscribe to my ...

Ned Prank Call Truck Nuts

Prank Call to Walmart!!!!!

prank call

April Fools' Day Office Pranks at RightTurn HQ: The Super Cubicle Prank

April Fools' Day at RightTurn HQ The Super Cubicle Prank Instructions: 1. Pick your favorite cubicle pranks. We chose the foil wrap and sticky note pranks. We also added our own flavor. Unicorns. Unicorns everywhere! 2. When your coworker leaves ...

April Fools' Day Office Pranks at RightTurn HQ: Magic Mouse Magic

April Fools' Day at RightTurn HQ Magic Mouse Magic Instructions: 1. Create some distraction to lure a coworker away from his or her desk. 2. Turn on the Bluetooth capability of coworker's computer. 3. Pair your Bluetooth mouse with your ...

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