The Funniest Prank Videos
On The Internet

Girlfriend Scare Pranks
The Driving Dog
The Vanishing Door

Hiding In Copy Machine
The Invisible Rope
The Girls Room Revenge Prank

Freightening Image Prank
College Dorm Pranks
The Pissing Prank

Prank Call Gone Bad, Very Bad
Copy Machine Prank Gone Wrong
British Pranks

Ax Prank
Looking For Tom From MySpace
Car Prank - Ping Pong Balls

Street Pranks
Train Airhorn Attacking The Night
Fake Appology Signs On Car Windows

Testicles At The Pet Store
Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!
Toilet Prank

Farting At The Mall
Job Interview Prank
10 Amazing Practical Jokes

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